Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Urge to Inlay - II

An old student of mine from the Netherlands commented on an earlier post. He writes,

Hi William,
After your last blog about The urge of Inlay I just got to let you know that I just returned from a little trip to Berlin, and we visited .... the Bauhaus Archiv! Of course I knew about Bauhaus, its connections with the De Stijl group in this country, but to be completely immersed in it. It was a TRIP!! Beautiful pottery and the metal workshop designs are breath taking in their powerful simplicity. Forget about superfluous embellishments, just the elementary shapes.
I must say that I am starting to recognize the Bauhaus approach/ideas not only in your guitar design, but especially in the efficiency and economy of combining design with technology or rather craftmanship. Yeah, I guess I am slow. But you did not tell me that in the tutorial I was actually signing up for a slow but prolonged Bauhaus brain wash...
Thanks for the eye openers!